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An Inland Population
A Susquehannock Symphonic Poem
Jimmy ThePeach✞ / Marlijn Franken

op deze pagina laat ik alle delen los van elkaar horen, zowel de muziek (M) als het gesproken woord (W) in het Amerikaans-Engels, maar dan wel in de juiste volgorde

De Delen

The Chorus – (M)

A Land Without People – (W) – how the river flows between the banks of wilderness

The Tree – (M)

Passing Trough – Moving In – (W) – a people pick up and move south into the Susquehanna River valley

Empty Caravan – (M)

Making A Home – (W) – the grandmothers unpack traditions and raise the walls

Pots Pans and Kettles – (M)

Fur Traders – (W) – trouble comes from a foreign land bearing rifles and alcohol

Like Running Water – (M)

The Beaver Wars – (W) – when the beaver ponds empty neighbor attacks neighbor

The Workshop – (M)

The Silent War – (W) – disease conquers what the Iroquois could not

Lamentation – (M)

The Last Village – (W) – the last people left join those that will take them

Birds cannot Sing – (M)

Man in the Cave – (M)

How A People Disappear – (W)- empty homes, empty trails

European Deseases – (M)

The Land Today – (W) – the 21st Century in the Susquehanna Valley

Nothing on my Knee – (M)

Credits – (W)

Relax Boy – (M)

Licentie – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

op de volgende pagina gaan we wat dieper in op de technische aspecten

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  1. Ben 3 november 2017

    Mooie samenwerking. Flink project ook. Ik kan me voorstellen dat er heel wat tijd ingestoken is.

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