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de Torenkamer – soundscape voor een kunstinstallatie van – Riann

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soundscape de Torenkamer is een audio-project van Riann en ferrie = differentieel, audio opname door Jaco Cornet gemaakt voor de reizende expositie Droomreis

de Torenkamer soundscape

de M4A versie, de Apple Lossless voor de grote speakers en de koptelefoons

de Torenkamer video

info op Droomreis

beeld is een toegift – maar zet het geluid maar een streepje harder 😉


op droomreis zijn ook te zien:


Aad vertelt:

“nice nice nice – and what a gift to see and hear. The voice, text, stories, poetry, sounds merged into storytelling (or whatever you call it) are still the spirit, the urge, the need for what the beat generation all did what trouvères and troubadours did (because I’m sure that by no means just sat warble), and which grew to explocive force at Dada and Expressionism – in short: a great tradition that is not tradition but appeals to what people obviously “need” … nice! Cool sounds of Ferrie again, and Rian’s voice makes it all worthwhile!

And then this: It is brave, and very very very laudable that the image as “an encore” is presented. Brave, because the eyes tend to win (not for nothing does the blind comedian Vincent Bijlo one of these days a benefit performance for the sighted, a forgotten majority group plagued by a complete inability to listen, smell and feel, all because the eye all the attention steal). The image sequence was used for Tower Room – nicely balanced, story -free – and diffuse enough not to pull all the attention. Ah, it’s so right what you do.”
(Aad van Nieuwkerk)


  • tekst en foto’s Riann
  • opname Jaco Cornet
  • soundscape ferrie = differentieel


New Art Supplies

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